Project Description

Challenge : Smarter and faster

Work faster and smarter through optimal processes and mutual coordination.


Better results with less costs, who wouldn’t want that?

Working smarter can save on costs in a variety of ways. You can do more work with the same capacity, at lower error costs and achieve higher quality work with shorter lead times.

  • Is your company or department drowning in work?
  • Having stagnations or backlogs in a department?
  • Do you have sufficient coordination between departments??
  • Do you have too much reworks due to errors?
  • How efficient is your value stream?

On the one hand, the challenge here is to take a closer look at the processes. In the course of time processes often grow into a whole of activities of which the question is which ones do or do not add direct value to the process.
This has the effect that there is a greater chance of errors and that work is not being done effectively. More effort is needed to produce less work.

But then you are not ready yet. The chains of processes are executed by people and supported by systems. You can still optimize the processes, yet without the right execution and support, the level of success remains the question.

What you need is a (corporate) culture of Continuous Improvement.
Continuous Improvement is a primary focus, in addition to high customer service standards and the reduction of waste in the forms of cost, time and defects (rework). We use the LEAN method to increase your customer satisfaction levels by optimizing processes and value streams.

While many companies practice a formal version of a Lean / Agile method, other companies enjoy the flexibility of continuous improvement as a practice while reserving the right to deviate from the practice whenever a less formal approach is needed.

No matter what you choose, an integral approach to this type of organizational challenges is particularly important.

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