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Challenge : Purpose Conscious Entrepreneurship

Purpose Conscious Entrepreneurship - The PTI for entrepreneurs - when did you last check if you're business is still on track?


How purpose conscious are you running your organization?

What is the true purpose of your organization?

The goal of an organization is something completely different than the result. So earning a lot of money (or saving) and making big profits is a pleasant benefit but never an end in itself. Or, in any case, should never be the primary goal of an organization.

The goal reflects what the organization stands for, how it wants to differ itself from other suppliers of similar products or services.

Successful organizations work from their own specific goal, their “raison d’être”, the unique right to exist and the core ideology that employees, customers or clients can connect to. Exactly what makes your organization unique.

This unique goal, also called “purpose”, describes what the organization actually does. What the core values ​​are and the real reason for existence. A Purpose conscious approach forms the basis for all activities in and of an organization. Such as; change and transformation, ways of working together, the style of leadership, the communication to employees and customers, how employees deal with each other and with the outside world, to name but a few aspects.

This core ideology, the WHY of the organization, shapes the image that both employees and customers can consciously or subconsciously identify with in order to understand the ideas and core values of the company and feel more or less at home and actually want to connect with what the organization stands for.

This connection makes the difference between passive or enthusiastic employees, or, as the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry described it so beautifully:

If you want to build a ship, do not drum people together to take care of wood, give orders and organize the work, but  awaken in them the desire for the journey on the vast and endless ocean.

In conclusion, you can say that the traditional trinity “Strategy – Structure – Systems” no longer fits our current era. In order to make a sustainable difference,  organizations, now a day, will have to shift their focus to “Purpose – Process – People”.

Needless to say this approach to business requires the appropriate type of leadership.


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