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Challenge : Organizational Structure

What organisational structure works best in our situation?


As for so many things, it also applies to (organizational) structure, that there is not one that works ‘everywhere’.
It’s situational if certain structures are more or less effective.

There was a time when the traditional or “rake structure” was perfectly adequate for most of the organizations. Each did his/her thing according to the job description but with little or no insight into the whole of a process and even less in the importance of their output for the value chain.

The organizational structure is the way in which tasks are divided within an organization and the way in which coordination between sub-tasks has been established. It therefore has to do with the division of activities across departments and the tasks of the employees.

But how do you organize all that in a way that best fits your vision for the organization’s future?
Realize however that the future starts now. Will you be ready in time? Designing organisations is a process that’s not done overnight.

Nowadays you hear more and more about self-management, self-organization and other forms of autonomy for teams or even entire organizations. What is not always clear is how to fit this into the existing structure or how to transform to an effective and completely new structure. 

We notice that “old principles” of organizing are no longer satisfactory in this time because employees of the different generations (baby boomers, X, Y, Z, millenials, etc). Each have different needs and desires when it comes to fulfill work and private life as well as individual desires how they can best be managed for optimum performance.

Then there are the digital developments, developing at the speed of light. They require organisations to be agile and react quickly to market developments. This needs to be supported by a structure that allows this agility. 

These mechanisms make it very challenging for many organizations and managers to realize a structure that generates optimum value for the company and its clients and employees. Successful companies are increasingly working with hybrid structures, a combination of “old” and new forms of organization where the focus is on generating value for all stakeholders.


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