Project Description

Challenge : It’s lonely at the top

Executive Coaching for board member, C-level, director, or manager.


You are board member, C-level, director, or manager; to whom do you go if you want to reflect on your ideas, thoughts or plans on a strategic or organizational level?

Especially when you prefer your thoughts to remain in your boardroom or if it concerns sensitive plans that need to be addressed with discretion.

Sometimes you need a sparring partner, an experienced expert who stimulates you to structure your thoughts and helps you to get a clear vision on your challenges.

A sparring partner who;

  • offers you different perspectives, asks questions and, if necessary, holds you a mirror.
  • facilitates you in organizing your plans or ideas and their development.
  • has insight into people and organizations, has a fresh view, and who understands what is going on.
  • is a talent in asking in-depth questions to get to the core of the matter.

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With our experienced and certified coaches, you can discuss topics such as: strategy, transformation, change management, leadership, business model, process improvement or (organizational) structure.

BizAssist complies to the Global Code of Ethics of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

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