Project Description

Challenge : Business Model

Optimize your business with the Business Model Canvas.

You want a clear overview of your company or organization and more focus on what is important?

You to know what is needed to realize your company’s ambitions for the future?

Are you looking for a quick and practical way to deal with strategy and innovation?

You want to know how to create optimal value for your customers?

You need a common language for strategy and innovation, so that teams understand their role better and therefore can work together better?

You want to know which activities and resources are crucial for your business?

Do you answer 1 of these questions with YES?
Then defining your business model is the ideal way to achieve more focus and insight!

I want better insights of my business!


What is a business model? Your business model describes the way in which your organization creates, delivers and maintains value. It provides focus on your objectives and insight into what is needed to achieve them.

To create your business model we use the format of the Business Model Canvas (BMC). This is a visual tool that contains all aspects of your business and helps you to look at your business from all angles. Because all building blocks are linked to each other, the effect of any decision or approach becomes instantly visible. This means that a decision on 1 component has consequences for the other building blocks that together define your business model. 

This makes the business model canvas the ideal tool to prototype businesses or get a clear view of the consequences of your business decisions or innovation plans.

The definition of your business model is done together with colleagues in order to strengthen the thinking process and to increase creativity. An additional advantage is that what you define with your colleagues is also immediately supported by them. After all, it is a shared view of the business.
Depending on the situation, you do this for example with the board or management team or with a select group of people from the organization.

The first step is to work together to think and brainstorm about your business and growth opportunities. What is your value proposition and for which customer segments, how can you best organize your company and what should you do and do you need to make your goals a reality?

The best results are achieved by not doing that on your own, but by hiring one of our experienced consultants to facilitate your process.

Bring more focus to your company and generate more value by optimizing your business model!

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